Flexible tanks respond perfectly to the needs of storage. It is a simple and fast solution in terms of cost  for the implementation. When they are empty, are compact and easy to move. Thanks to their design, the content is never in contact with air.



- Storage of sanitary water or drinking water;

- Water treatment station;

- Storage water for unit of water purifucation;

- Reserves of water for fire;

- Storage of liquid fertlizers.



- Simple PVC;

- Caulked PVC;

- Teflon-coated PVC;

- PVC pvdf;

- Polyurethane;

- Textile frame in polyester or nylon;

- Weight from 650 to 1450 gr/mq;

- Special resistance to abrasion, bending, agression of extreme weather conditions or chemicals;

- Possible features: fire proofing, anti-tear, anti-intrusion, anti-brasion, anti-static, anti-dirt, anti-corrosion, thermal reflectance,       insulation;

- Structural calculations certicated of physical resistance of the coverages used to get a better calculation of the static sealing;