Oil boom reels are the easiest and most efficient ways for storage, deployment and recovery of longer lengths of boom. Reels could be hydraulic or manually operated and are suitable for both inflatable boom and some models of foam flotation boom. RASERO OIL BOOMS tested to ensure they can carry the loads associated with this type of operation. These reels can be supplied with aluminum or steel spool, with and without controls, with and without brakes. They may also be fitted with guide rollers to help distribute the boom on the spool. The reel can be mounted on a trailer for added mobility and fitted with road lights, brakes and stabilizers ( for deployment ).








Doors with vertical activation and "roll up" closure or "packed" closure. Galvanized or stainless steel frame. Possibility of double coat windproof, automation equipped with all the safety criteria and functionality according to CE normative. Certificated structural calcolations based on the location of the portal compared to the winds and depending on your geographic location. Coverage in textile fireproof in first and second class made in resistant PVC with weight from 650 gr/m2   to 900 gr/m2